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dizzydillydallying: omg I really love your art style holy shit. pls write me when you're back I really want to ask you some questions you'RE SUCH A KIND AND TALENTED PERSON I love your art aaaahhhhh especially your JEANEREN AAAAHHHH let's talk about your art forever

Hey thanks for your sweet message (and the other one) ! If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them! As you know im currently in Italy, but I found a way to answer asks :-)
(tho I can’t send them privately for some reason)

Anyways stay awesome and feel free to ask me your questions!

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Anonymous: I don't ship JeanEren but I respect and am totally okay that you ship it, or that anyone else ships it. I was wondering what your opinion is on JeanMarco and Riren?

I wish more people were like you, anon! I think fandoms would be a lot nicer!  

As for my opinion on the ships  you mentioned; Jeanmarco is a ship that I like a lot but hurts like hell. Like most fics are tragic and heart wrenching, so I only draw happy Jeanmarco’s. While Eren would push Jean into making a decision, Marco would let Jean find his own way and support him unconditionally, though he could challenge Jean into thinking on things . I like that a lot about Marco. 

As for Riren/Ereri, it’s not for me. I see Levi as more of a mentor to Eren and personally don’t see the romance part. That’s not to say the ship or the shippers are bad, it’s just not my personal taste. I think Levi is actually one of the few SNK characters I only ship with one person, namely Erwin. Like I could ship it in a threeway, but it should involve Erwin haha. IDK maybe it’s because Erwin’s my favourite That I don’t shop Levi with anyone else. 

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Anonymous: You see my dear, I have never understood why people would send anon hate to other tumblerins while they could spread the love and positivity instead. As an art major myself, i do find your style interesting and refreshing - so please, continue to keep that head up and ignoring the hate comments, for you are the stars of my night sky. and I Love everything about nightskies.

Thanks for your sweet message dear! I’m r really honoured that you think so highly of my artstyle ;__; and that you have such praise for me *///* again thank you very much!

As for anon hate, I guess it is easy because well, nobody knows who you are so there are no real repercussions. I guess the last anon was just jealous because some of my art sometimes gets a lot of notes while it’s style is quite… Simple? Anyways it sounded petty and childish and I don’t let it bother me too much. Also messages like yours always help a lot :D

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Anonymous: for the spin the bottle art you were asking about there being a fic about it - was it The Best/Worst Decision on AO3 or is there another EreJean Spin the bottle fic I need to be on the look out for?!

IDK anon, I’ve read a few. Some au’s some in canon verse and one where Jean is trans so I’ve actually read a few and I kind of started to confuse them, haha. I can’t look for them rn since I’m still in Italy and only have my phone with me. 

But I do remember the fic you mentioned. I really liked it :B so everyone who likes Erejean should def read it! Knb 

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Hey guys! This blog will be inactive for two weeks, since I will be on vacation :-).

I will be roadtripping through Italy with my best friend and I’m super excited!

Sadly I won’t be able to draw anything for two weeks and I didn’t have the foresight to make a queue, so little to no activity for two weeks.

I’ll be active again in the beginning of September =D

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Anonymous: I was just wondering what it was but I wouldn't mind a drawing just to see it as well

Haha bara Connie is like sorta a headcanon of mine that when Connie grows up he becomes a tall, superhot bara :P

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Anonymous: Bara Connie??


Is this a request or you asking what the hell Bara Connie is?

Anyways if you meant this as a request then hella, because I was thinking of doing some wrestling ReiCon again bc it’s hot.

If anyone know some cool wrestling moves let me know

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Major blog cleanup

Hey guys, I’m gonna clean this blog up and just use it for only my art. You’ll maybe not notice at first since I started cleaning up the older posts first, but I’m slowly archiving everything away. So art that is reblogged here and answered asks will be archived on my main blog, so that this blog will only contain my art. Asks will still be published on this blog, but will be archived after while.

I hope to make my blog a bit easier to navigate that way :)

So if you are interested in the rest of the crap I reblog you can find it on my main blog.

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Anonymous: Ok but eren and jean hating each other. They're at a party and super wasted. They're playing spin the bottle and eren lands on muffin head and he gets all angry and pulls jean up by a fistful of his shirt and kisses him rough and passionately

Hellaaa angry kisses are my jam!

I think there’s a fic about this? It was really good but I don’t know the name. Maybe someone can help me out here?

Also I kind of forgot the details of your ask so now it’s jean kissing eren haha

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Anonymous: ignore that person, your art looks great! i can totally tell the difference between faces, in fact i kinda look up to you and your art especially because of that! You're amazing!

Ah I’m sorry anon for replying so late , your ask got a bit lost between the other messages!

But thank you so much and I’m really honoured that you look up to me ;____; you are too sweet!

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Anonymous: Hi I absolutely love your art!!!!!

OMG thank you so much for the random sweet message anon :D

I hope you have an awesome day, sweetie!

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tayliandoesstuff: 6. 7. (i was tempted to put 6 and 9)

6. What levels of artistic education have you had?

Literally nothing. I had art in school but it wasn’t for me. My art teacher focussed too much on abstract art and kind of looked down on traditional art so I never learned the basics of anatomy there. Everything I do is self taught, though I really do want to start following art classes after the summer. I got a new job so a bit more money to pay for those classes.

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site

I have no idea where I was going with this jeanmarco picture except that I wanted Jean as some sort of musician and Marco as a kindergarten teacher or something and the shiganshina kids as his students. I kinda gave up on the AU, because it was going nowhere.

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ereveryone: 11, 21, 24?~

11. What do you like least about your art?

oooh tough one! I guess…. it kinda lacks personality at times. Like some artstyles you just recognize from a mile away and you know exactly who made it and I just know my art misses that. Moreso because this isn’t a thing you can learn, like anatomy is.

21. Do you believe there is such thing as “bad art?”

Another tough one… Well looking back at my own art i’d definetly say older pieces are bad art… but without those I wouldn’t be the artist I am today. So even pieces that might not be considered good are an important part of my art journey and therefore never bad because you need them to grow and to learn.

24. Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.?

I have never traced or recoloured anything, but when I was young (and drawing hella charizards) I would sometimes draw a grid over the picture I wanted to copy and then drew a grid on a piece of paper and just started drawin block by block, so that’s kinda like tracing.

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dash-elevence: Number 8

Answered :)

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hottitandate: 3, 5, 8, 17, 18 and 22 :D

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

hmmmm difficult to say….

I think this one 

because I really like the colour and the way it turned out.

18. What is your purpose for drawing?

I do it mainly as a hobby and a creative outlet. It’s for relaxation and just putting your thoughts on paper. I’ve never been much of a writer and most people would describe me as maybe a little expressionless or stoic so I use my art to express myself :)

(the rest was already answered :-) )

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